How to fall in love with the process, not a state of doing whatsoever.

…Doing things that your heart isn’t in feels terrible, doesn’t it…?

This goes the same as looking forward to getting a monthly pay check without appreciating the work process.

Life can be tough at times.  Many face a paradox of work.  They hate their job but still endure it.  Oftentimes, the fine careers that are well paid, less labor intensive, sit in captivating locations are highly competitive.  You have to either stand out in the talent pools or find special privileges to be selected.  Given that you get the job you’ve always yearned for, there is no guarantee that you will end up liking the work process and living happily ever after…  I’m not saying that you should quit the current job that you endure for financial rewards and immediately follow your passion.  This post isn’t about pursuing your dream job.

Just a thought..  Though you aren’t in your dream job, you should still work like you don’t need money.  I know it sounds unrealistic because money is a scarce resource.  But it’s one of the sustainable fixes for lessening the boredom of work (especially when you realize that you DO need money after all).  What holds people back from delivering their fine creations is that they don’t want to feel like they are being taken advantage of or need to work more than others who get paid the same rate.  Well, don’t you feel that being unable to perform work at your best is kind of meaningless?  Carrying tasks aimlessly may be a source of suffering.  So what’s the point of working and suffering at the same time?  If your choices/opportunities of work are limited, why don’t you turn it around and try to make the work process more enjoyable?  

Working hard like you don’t care about whether you will get paid or not can exponentially make an impact on you, customers, coworkers, companies/employers, and others.  With that said, you will put your heart in every stage of work and work your ass off If you haven’t done that before, you should try.  It will automatically motivate you to care about every step and any results of what you are working on.  In a world where natural resources are depleting, we all should focus more on good quality of work and care less about quantity.

Some think that being employed can never make the person become well off.  This may be true but not always…  It depends on how you define your level of wealth and success.  Do you enjoy living within your means or not?  I’ve seen a lot of people blaming the companies they work for.  It seems like, even if a company gives reasonable incentives for its employees, they still feel that they don’t get enough and often take it for granted.  Remember!  There will always be other companies that offer better incentives and you maybe still be complaining about it…  

Corporations/employers are perceived as evil…  There are tons of companies that take advantage of their employees or don’t treat their people well.. and I’m not talking about those ruthless human beings.  Let’s us all picture a few agonies of employers: tons of expenses, loads of tedious document and reports, employee dramas, negative reviews/reputation, and so on.  With all the substantial stress, if your superiors have treated you fine and haven’t gone nuts yet, you should be satisfied.  Don’t whine about your company… don’t blame others about not paying you enough… If you need more, go out and find more… If you still need to pay off your bills/debts, you may consider keeping your full-time job while working on your secret part-time side projects…   

Having been working in the hospitality industry, I learned that age doesn’t have anything to do with maturity.  I’ve witnessed older people who didn’t care about their jobs, spaced out, and worked below standard.  Their egos probably shot up higher than Yosemite…  or they just aimed to win, obsessed about seniority, and talked negatively about other people.  On the other hand, I’ve seen energized young workers who genuinely delivered service way above the values that a company had asked for.  Their levels of ethical practices were so high that they put many of us to shame. It seems almost like they were crafting work, instead of just producing work on a day-to-day basis.  Soon after that moment, I decided to shift my mindset toward a caring attitude and came across one truth about myself…

My true happiness comes from living like there is no tomorrow and crafting each day into a work of art..

Still and all, I’m not perfect.  Though I love my job, I’m still not exactly where I want to be.  There are days that I’m stressed out or not feeling my best.  There are moments that I fail to deliver my service and products or behave nicely to people around me.  But I am truly delightful with the overall work process and willing to put my heart into it.  Focusing fiercely on work and putting myself into someone else’s shoes, I seek to learn more and improve myself to be a better person so that my mind will be cluttered with the present moment and little melancholia (only the nostalgic ones) I hope!

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