Crew drama.

No matter where you are in any positions, I don’t think a person should exert power over others like a traditional leader in the old days.  Instead, you can influence and inspire those around you without authority.  Working under pressure and long hours is onerous enough for the workforce in the food and beverage sector..  Given the essential concepts about how to make employees stay or develop positive vibes in a work environment, we all know that we should treat them fairly, give them respect and emotional support, encourage happiness, allow autonomy in their positions, be an example, and so on..

Easier said than done…  A flat hierarchy becomes such a highlight in many organizational structures.  Yet, treating your crew as family can be problematic.  When you give away too much to your coworkers or subordinates, some may take it as part of your responsibility; they don’t seem to appreciate your generosity.  Seeing that a family can accept and forgive them, they can be lazy or feel like they don’t have to push themselves hard to retain the job positions.  When they get overly comfortable with you, it can be difficult for everyone to remain professional.  You may lose certain kinds of respect that they may once have had for you.  Hence, the advice I’ve got so far is to conclude that those respect-killing behaviours should be avoided at all costs!

I’m one of the many others (like Oksana Kubushyna, Natalie Clarkson, and Eric Chester) that support the team leadership idea.  Even though we are in a family-run business, I’m not inclined to agree with the family work environment.  Having brought up in different environments, how do you believe that you can treat one another like a family member?  You can’t really expect everyone to feel, like, or think the same way as yourself.  But in (an exceptional) teamwork environment, organizational members are prone to collaborate, brainstorm, and support each other in pursuit of reaching a company’s goal and aiming for the best results of work.  With that said, they oftentimes put aside their egos and alternatively seek learning and growing experiences.

Though I view each of my coworker as a teammate, not a family member, l have always valued a culture of care and kept one line in mind.. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” ― Unknown…  No one is perfect and not everyday is the best day for you.  Emotional issues can get in a way.  As time goes by in our small and humble business, I’ve learned to drop my negative thoughts when I come to work.  I have no issues with thinking before speaking.  I neither gossip nor complain because..

Negativity can be rapidly contagious…

Complaining in workplace can easily bring other people down.  When any unpleasant matters occur (if they aren’t that big a deal.. like having found a thing that might have been misplaced by another crew, you could simply put it back without trying to find the root).  But.. If something (bigger) has happened periodically and deteriorated work process, you may consider talking calmly to the person in private.  Dramatic effects can be lessened if your crew members have empathy towards each other.  If you want to create a harmonious work environment, you’d better watch your mouth before speaking and hold your thoughts before judging others…  Keep this in mind… if you explode with anger, you are immediately at a disadvantage.

In the end.. I’m not saying that you should be dishonest with your teammates, just feel like…

There must be ways to be pissed off and still stay professional..

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