A random night out with my ladies.

…A night out once in while with close friends is always rejuvenating…

I mostly choose vegan/vegetarian options for my meals.  Yet, I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian, just a ‘plant-based’ eater.  With that said, I don’t consume meat products (chicken, pork, beef, lamb, or other land animals) or try to avoid as much as I can.  The only seafood options I would occasionally have is fish and prawn (so… no squid, octopus, crab, lobster, or other kinds of shellfish).

When I dine out at a restaurant, it doesn’t take long for me to choose something out of a menu.  I can easily eliminate a bunch of items and look for what’s left for me.  Usually, salad.. cooked vegetables.. or fish dish.. would be my staple foods.

One and the sole reason that I can’t be completely vegan is that I adore cheese… I can easily give up other dairy products like milk and yogurt.  If there are any good vegan cheese that can substitute for ricotta, manchero, Mahon, and gorgonzola, please do let me know…  So I can eventually become a vegan eater!

Haven’t met in a long time due to our swamped hospitality schedules… After a long discussion about where to meet, we eventually picked España, an outstanding Spanish tapas restaurant in downtown Vancouver.  We shared a starter, cheese plate, which was so so so good… followed by my staple salad ‘roast baby beets’ and a main dish ‘daily fish (pan-fried cod with ratatouille)’.  My wine choice was Brut Cava as I was craving for a chilled sparkling refreshment! 

The ladies’ night out can’t be completed without desserts… Here we shared churros with dulce de leche… and a few extra pieces of churros… :)

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