I am enlightened by having less.

Minimalism has had a huge impact on my life.  Decluttering rituals have constantly moved me to own less materialistic possessions and yet raise awareness of social and environmental issues.

Even if I’m not a true minimalist, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of living with less.  These 6 simple things that I think I have done well and most importantly.. felt great!

// my closet is minimal //

I don’t care about fashion trends as it has no impact on my life.  No lookbooks or latest trends can shape my dress code.  Though monochrome is not my most adored colour pattern, you rarely see me wearing or owning anything in other colours.  You can guess by now that I’m one of those boring people who would buy clothes with the exact same brand and styles in different ‘grey’ colour tones.  So does that sound minimal? I think a philosophy of minimalism goes deeper than the materialistic dimension.  I love my simple clothes that I can mix and match and brainlessly create my own outfits.  Given that I have quite a bit of soft goods in monochrome, there is not a single piece in my closet that has been hanging there without being used for more than a year.  The same goes for my totes and shoes.

// my storage is minimal //

I don’t accumulate stuff, not even souvenirs or emotionally attached materials.  Despite the fact that I did adored the heart-warming objects that my friends or loved ones gave me.. and used to feel guilty before discarding them.  Dear friends… If you’ve come across and read this, please accept my apology that I might have given away things you had given me, and it doesn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate them.  I truly adored and took photos of them.  Just that I want to live in a tidy space and see only stuff I regularly use.  So that I can easily clean my place as I don’t have a housemaid.  I hope you understand and feel delightful that I ended up sharing your valuable gifts with others who would put them to good use.

// my leisure time is minimal //

Given that I enjoy working in a restaurant, taking one- or two-day off a week is always rejuvenating.  Quality time with good friends or loved ones tremendously keeps my mind refreshed and reduces stress from work.  Aside from that, I’m simply content just by cooking, reading a book with my cats lying down beside me, or hanging out in nature, even by myself.  Not just my days off, I also try to squeeze leisure time in everyday (if possible), mostly in the morning.  I don’t usually set alarm clock and completely shut myself out of social media until later in the day (sometimes midday or late afternoon).  Before this, I wasn’t inclined to broadcast a romantic relationship to the public just that I thought the theme should be kept minimal between the two persons.  To establish a solid foundation, each of you should expose your true self from the start and give each other endless emotional support.  Not too much, not too little..  I really adore anyone who value the ‘me’ time as I do.  At this point, I must say that my better half has the patience of a saint.

// my conversation is minimal //

The other day..  Someone whom I have been very close told me the surprising fact..  He said.. “For all these times.. I’ve never heard you swear at anyone intentionally, not a single word (except for that one word when we were joking around!)”  Really.. I’ve never thought about this before.. How could that be possible?  But I take it as a compliment anyway!  I also dislike small talks…  Though I love people, I think parties in general are boring, particularly with those whom I have little/nothing in common.  I find myself easily distracted with the conversations I have no interest (like gossiping about others/celebrities, boasting too much about themselves, or totally ignoring the presence of others).  Hence, I’ve been told all the time that I’m quiet and reserved..  seeing that most of the time, I would just smile and sit in silence.  If that happens, by now you probably know how I feel..  ‘I think a lot, but I don’t say much.’ ― Anne Frank

// my mindset is minimal //

I’m always on my feet.  After my plan is well set for the next day, I do it without a second thought!  It’s very easy for me to rise at 5 or 6 and workout very first thing in the morning or train my mind not to eat junk/processed food or meats.  As to job and relationship vices.. If I don’t feel right, I get out of it right away.  What I had done in the past might have been called heartless.  Still, I’ve never regretted my honest decisions.  Wasting other people’s time (and my time) is disgraceful.  If I no longer picture work (or him) in my future, I must let that go before things get more complicated.  It’s better to keep it real than hold onto something that doesn’t fit your values.  By not letting go, you only increases bitterness in work life (or relationship).  That being so, I’m not afraid to say ‘no’ when I don’t feel like doing it and don’t take sh*t from disrespectful people or anyone.. Wait.. didn’t I just mention above that I don’t use bad languages?  Nobody is perfect I assume..   

// my drink is minimal //

I only drink water in room temperature while keeping tea and coffee in moderation.  Juices, soda, soft drinks, or sweet drinks are not my best companions, whereas desserts are my partners in crime..  Speaking of alcoholic beverages, I no longer drink hard liquors as well as cocktails and beers.  I guess I don’t miss much..  They don’t taste that good to me anyway.  So once in a while.. I would give myself permission to enjoy the moment and have wines occasionally, preferably rosé or pinot noir.  Complementing (and contrasting) my love of food, wines are sophisticated at varied temperatures and possess subtle dimensions of aromas, flavours, and characteristics of their origins.

Having said what I could come up at the moment, perhaps… I might as well share what doesn’t make me a minimalist..

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