Accept yourself and embrace your weirdness.

image credit: IG @13sleepycat

I have always adored weirdos…  The perception that everyone was born differently and destined to pursue different things has swum in my thoughts endlessly.  Creativity and successful innovations were often originated from quirkiness of ideas. 

Having said that, the age of mass production and industrialization erupted to ruin uniqueness.  The wealthy persons are getting wealthier while the poors are going down in the opposite direction.  Loads of large merchants, corporations, or government make their ways to financial success while taking advantage of farmers by controlling crops’ prices and subsidizing the agribusinesses that support mass production.  A lot of farms have turned into factories and been operated by machines instead of animals and humans.  Instead of supporting local foods, now we can purchase fresh produces from farms that are located miles away or in other countries. 

Many who had lived on farms attempted to find fortunes in big cities and better off their economic conditions.  Having adjusted into a modern lifestyle, we seem to pay more and more attention to social status and materialism.  Internet, smartphones, laptops, cars, fashions, and brandname goods have evolved to become one of our basic needs.  Now everyone has access to everything easily and rapidly.  Yet.. is it necessary or just peer pressure?  If it’s the latter… We haven’t been so kind to our planet and to ourselves.  What’s going to happen if you accept yourself, live within your means, stop comparing your life with others, and embrace your unique values?  The worst thing probably is that you may end up losing a few friends (who aren’t actually your true friends I’d say)…    

When it comes to a relationship, some would tell me to look for a decent man (in their viewpoints).  How do they know if I will live happily with their kinds of decent man?  Hence, never once in my life that I’ve been jealous with other people’s materials or relationships.  I feel truly happy when my friends are better off or get married.  The true happiness lies in accepting who you are.  If you cannot be happy with yourself first, how can you form positive vibes around the ones you love? 

You should understand that people are born with different assets, characters, environments, talents, and interests.  There will always be people who are prettier, healthier, happier, or more successful than you are.  Even so, this comes down to how much you’re willing to seize opportunities and turn them into your favours.  If you pay close attention to other people’s achievement or recognition they have received with your wisdom, you can avoid self-sabotaging.  So if your friends have more possessions, success or happiness than you do, you should look at them from the outside-in.  Before the persons reach that level of success, do you consider how much time and effort they have sacrificed? 

Are you willing to put time and effort on those crazy hours of work toward great achievement? 

If ‘no’, you are probably jealous / envy / judge them merely on the surface…  Jealousy and envy are the worst thoughts that people have invented to ruin their own lives.  Instead of poisoning yourself with closed-mindedness, you can look at others’ success as means of improving your skills or mindset (if you want to be happy).  Seeing that envy and jealousy in your head, you are torturing yourself and blocking your way to learn and grow…

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