Proud to be born in this exotic place on earth.

I’ve moved around quite a bit in my life even within the same city…

I spent my childhood in Bangkok long enough to witness the accelerating pace of innovation and urbanization.  Trees and forest have been excessively depleted and replaced with buildings and manmade creations.. gradually causing the sweltering weather and dull grey sky in town.  I assume this happened in (almost) any big cities to keep pace with the increasing population.

The thought of going back to live in Thailand for good appeals me from time to time.  But only if I can move to the countryside where its community practices local living…  I found myself escaping the city whenever I have a chance.  The office employees who work 9-5 in Bangkok (plus 2-3 hours of commuting each day) always impress me.  I honestly can’t picture myself in their positions while living a stress-free life.  But I’m glad they found ways to make it work for themselves and seek pleasure in everyday life.  They’re indeed one to ten steps ahead of me when we talk about patience levels…

The key is.. to be happy wherever life leads you.

Making a bunch of trips to Phuket when I was still small, my family and I haven’t been so excited when traveling to other beaches apart from those breathtaking islands in southern Thailand.  It could be that we haven’t gone out that much?  :)  Reminiscing the innocence and simplicity of childhood, I walked up and stood on the white sand beach by the coconut/palm trees overlooking the blue sky and clear blue sea.  My cousins and I once in a while dragged ourselves into the sea to observe diverse underwater ecosystems and colourful sea animals and always followed by fascinating meals afterwards. 

I was brought up in a home cook environment where my mom and relatives took pleasure in making food.  Just like many countries, Thai food and dialect are varied by regions.  Our palates are keen on the southern style of food preparation which is usually rich and intense in flavours..  yes! I’m talking about hot, spicy, pungent, coconutty, and fishy tastes.  This totally explains my obsession with spices… and my love for Thai, Middle-Eastern, and Indian cuisines.  You might have been curious why Thais still eat warm noodle soups or spicy meals in a hot day and still stay calm!  Healthy comfort foods have found to be nourishing and soothing for both mind and body.

As a developing country where life can be a struggle from time to time, the collectivistic cultures are highly revered.  Thais are inclined to help each other and stay in harmony even during hardships.  As surreal as this may sound…  There is something in the tropical climate that forms mellow and warm personality in those who live there.  Thai hospitality practitioners  are instilled with genuineness and morals, thereby naturally radiating friendly and hospitable ambience.. as well as portraying surprisingly upbeat moods night and day.   Smiles and courtesy are always depicted as common traits of Thais.

I suppose.. You rarely see Thai folks who work in the service sector turn mad and behave rudely to patrons. 

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