Salsa: on toast.

I crave salsa in the morning every now and then…

This breakfast dish is full of flavour, nourishing, and really easy to make. 

Salsa and the chipotle mayo spread on toast can’t be completed without smooth creamy texture of eggs alongside…  Thanks to the egg farmers who produced those organic eggs.  Given the beautiful sunset-orange yolks, these chicken flocks must have been pasture-raised.  I hope each of them had lived a good life. 

To finish, I added a few pitted cherries in the recipe just because they happened to be in season!  So basically, you can replace with any kinds of fruit you like.  Just to brighten this quick dish with something acidic.   

// Ingredients (1 servings) //

toasted sourdough bread  //  homemade salsa (recipe below)  //  chipotle Mayonnaise (I use Sir Kensington’s.)  //  1-2 soft or medium boiled eggs  //  black pepper  //  pitted cherries (or other fruits)

// Salsa’s ingredients (3-4 cups) //

2 clove of garlic  //  1 red onion  //  1/3 cup cilantro  //  half medium jalapeño (put the whole pepper if you want it extra spicy.)  //  3 tbsp fresh lime juice (I sort of like it sour.)  //  1 tsp ground cumin  //  a pinch of sea salt  //  a pinch of black pepper  //  2 cups chopped and seeded tomatoes //  1 cup slow-roasted tomatoes

// Instructions //

Put all the ingredients (except tomatoes) in food processor.  Blend until they’re broken into tiny pieces, yet not completely smooth.  Add chopped and seeded tomatoes and slow-roasted tomatoes; blend until reaching your desired consistency.  Serve on toasted sourdough bread (spread with chipotle mayo) along with 1 or 2 (soft or medium) boiled eggs and pitted cherries on the side.  Grind some black pepper on top.  Store the rest of salsa in airtight containers;  refrigerate for up to 7-10 days.

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