The tropical vibes that called us in.

…It’s been over a week since the Beach House concert in Vancouver…

I’ve just finally had chance to sit down and talk about an outstanding eatery we stopped by prior to the show.  Situated in Yaletown, a home to many good quality restaurants, Fayuca, serving up the a delicacy of Pacific Northwest meets Mexican flavours, is indeed one of the most novel and exciting restaurants in the area.  Given its offbeat vibes and exceptionally friendly staff, we felt so drawn to this cozy space. 

The decor, interlacing blue and turquoise tiles with brick wall, gives a touch of Mexican vibe.  Yet the bamboo ceiling lamps, thatch interiors, hand woven chairs, and some greenery just screamed tropical sensation.  Having found that the idea behind the scene came from Scott Cohen Design, it all makes sense how the atmosphere is filled with airy warm breeze and a welcoming experience very much like that of Acorn, the exquisite vegetarian destination in town.

Here we tried Thomas Pico Vin de France Chardonnay, a young and unoaked Chablis from Languedoc.  This small producer specialized in organic viticulture and handcrafted winemaking.  His Chardonnay yielded neither vanilla-creamy nor toasty flavours.  Its well-balanced yet complex quality is derived from the Chablis method, which produces the purest expressions of the grape without filtration, thereby forming bright and mineralized cleansing on the palate.

fayuca // grilled cactus

The wine surprisingly paired well with our first dish, grilled cactus.  Perhaps.. it’s unexpected that the southern France’s Chardonnay would give such a crisp acidicity.  This distinctively ripe white wine contrasted beautifully with the creaminess of halloumi cheese and avocado.

The second course, grilled cauliflower, was raw enough to nearly complement the drink, except for its heavy sauce made with green adobo over red pipian and toasted almonds. 

Likewise, the Chardonnay didn’t merge so smoothly with our last course, enfrijolada..  which I think this smoked fish seems to long for a wine with a sweet touch and warm fruity notes.  The main course was unforgettably intense by itself.  This Chablis would only invite more pungent flavours to the overall taste.. 

About time to catch the show, the meal looking quite small, yet full of rich ingredients made us filled to the brim, here we found ourselves quietly turning down the dessert menu…

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