Artistry on the plates in a casual eatery.

the acorn // Urlar 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

…There was not a single time that the Acorn didn’t reach my expectations in terms of food and ambience…

You can simply tell by the looks and tastes of food whether the chefs have put tremendous thoughts into their creations, which turn out to be second to none.  It’s actually not that difficult to create any appealing food presentations, still.. do they taste as good as they look?  Adorning the plates while making them taste delicious and giving off distinct flavours requires a considerable amount of creativity, knowledge, expertise, and passion along the process. 

The Acorn was established by the pervious punk-rock artist, Shira Blustein.  Her love and passion for vegetarian food and sustainability have portrayed in every corner of this small, yet cozy restaurant.  Given that this beautifully designed eatery offers decorative plates almost like those we find in a fine dining cuisine, we surprisingly feel relaxed in this warm and noisy ambience with its unpretentious hospitality. 

When a musician becomes a restaurateur, the sonic identity seems to naturally emerge from his/her brick and mortar.  Harding surprising… here they play chillwave and indie music like Washed Out, Chris Cohen, and others.

Speaking of interior design, Scott Cohen Design has formed another memorable experience in the food and beverage business in Vancouver.  Located at the corner of the hip Main St. in Vancouver, this funky-shaped restaurant doubtlessly serves its public area as the one and only art installation.  Though it’s not uncommon that the restaurant scape in Vancouver is inclined to fuse local arts into an exclusive atmosphere, the Acorn has never ceased to attract its passers-by and the locals.

The dark wood interior blends nicely with the bamboo ceiling lamps, custom-made mirrors, plants, and their minimal style of furnitures.  Their menu is flexible for changes and most likely depends on the seasons and local harvests!  If you’re like me who loves exploring a wide range of food (and is open minded to try vegetarian dishes), this place surely won’t disappoint!

Here, we ordered roasted eggplant omelette with babaganoush (creamy eggplant-based dip), Southern Fried Artichokes on the House Waffle, and Urlar 2016 Sauvignon Blanc.  (Yes! The omelette dish was mine… with the middle eastern hint!) 

I like the fact that the omelette wasn’t too dry on the top of roasted whole eggplant.  Just to be honest.. the artichoke-waffle dish was overly sweet..  or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t prefer any greens soaked in syrup (not even a good maple syrup)…

This Sauvignon Blanc was refreshing by its slightly citrus flavours, tropical notes, and stone fruits.  It complemented subtly with the soft roasted eggplant and the tangy babaganoush. (Not sure if it paired well with the sweet waffle.. as I felt almost like.. having them together merely added excessively tart taste to the meal…

About time to leave.. I was already looking forward to trying more of their creations and listening to their music playlist anytime soon…

the acorn // roasted eggplant omelette
the acorn // Southern Fried Artichokes on the House Waffle

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