‘In a Dream’ // Cornelius

video credit: Cornelius

…As simple as this may sound, each song provokes a particular emotion…

Sad and slow songs don’t generally land on my playlist, unless they are composed of beautifully rhythmic events.  I rarely listen to music based on lyrics.. (yet I admire the artists who come up with serious, disguised, and poetic words.)  I actually don’t mind at all if I come across a good music and it appears to be in a language that I don’t understand.  As long as its rhythmic arrangement aligns with my predilection for certain types of music and perhaps my mood at the moment, I can be completely zoned out and absorbed in the sound.  Speaking of music genres, I found myself diving into period, jazzy, or instrumental tunes from time to time. 

Still, Dream Pop and Chillwave stay at the top of my fond memories…

A simplicity with a few repetitive melodies and small fluctuation in the singing like ‘In a Dream’ by Cornelius, one of the least melancholy tracks in their Mellow Waves album, serenely appeals to me.  Oyamada’s soft and low vocal is clear, yet it doesn’t feel overwhelmed or overworked.  A well-round touch of a full band is presented here, given that the track is inclined to portray the most quintessentially pop tune in the album. 

The catchy sound of ‘In a Dream’ bears startling layers of electronic and synthetic orientations, where minimal and futuristic elements are articulated.  This makes me think how it happens every so often that the beautifully crafted (yet undeniably artificial) sound emerges from multiple layers of simple lines.  The rhythmic changes and vocal are adequately melodic and soothing; I could hear it over and over.  Cornelius unmistakably has more control of details, thereby positioning a harmonious connection in how the beginning and the ending wittingly breathe familiar air.

‘In a Dream’ doesn’t sound as hazy as many dream pop soundscape out there…

Instead, it renders a dream consciously by the experimental artist who creates work out of his consciousness and rippled layers.

This is perhaps a lucid dream…

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