The architect of your own thoughts.

Ok.  I’ll admit that I was quite upset when I first wrote this post… 

After taking the cynical thoughts into consideration while expressing them through writing, I was able to suppress those negative emotions.  Due to the nature of my career in service, I’m normally patient enough and work well under pressure, yet I’m still a human being who is made up of feelings and logical senses. 

Nothing can make an impact on my emotions on any good days.  Still, one little thing can totally stir up the dark energy at the bottom of the mind, which doesn’t habitually manifest itself during those blissful days.  And a few days ago, I woke up that kind of repulsion in my mind and it wasn’t pleasant…  It became so vivid after I had acknowledged the person who didn’t only make me feel worse, but also vibrate the unconsciously (or intentionally) malicious frequency.  Thanks to the person’s reaction, I eventually confirmed my perspective.  My prediction was accurate, so I wasn’t disappointed and prepared to move forward.  Everything comes and goes temporarily.

Now let’s come back on how I dealt with the negative emotions.  I look at the forces as my dark capacities.  Though they seem to annoy me at times, I feel grateful that they visit me from time to time.  Without them, I can’t progress or improve my abilities.  For those who are obnoxious and stubborn, I shall not blame them.  If they believe in what they want to believe, it will be futile to change it around…  I’d rather consider the problems as something that originated from my mind…  It’s my problem that I can’t accept the way things are.  It’s not about them; it’s about me.  The discrepancies between me and them strengthened my view of the world. Instead of being upset about ‘what’ the problem is, I realize that I should ponder ‘how’ I can make the current situation better. I’m the architect of my own thoughts. Me and my conceptual schemes design where I want to be and how I want to feel or live my life.

After much deliberation, I formed my own speculation in an attempt to seek solutions to my restless disruptions.  The same problem came to haunt me; I didn’t take good care of myself.  I haven’t had a proper lunch at work, since the restaurant opens all day without a break in the afternoon.  I sporadically got interrupted when I’m eating.  The food gets so cold and even colder by the time I finish my lunch (over an hour).  Particularly, when I’m by myself from the start to finish.  So I could totally understand when customers complained about cold food.  I wish I could do the same…  It’s just too bad that I don’t have that kind of luxury lunch break. :)

Still, I encourage you not to blame anyone for making you feel bad.  Remember the technique?  It’s all in your mind and your mind alone that you are upset.  In terms of the servicescape, no providers have intention to mess up your life.  With uncontrollable conditions, mistakes can happen every so often.  You explain your dissatisfaction to the support, get a refund, and receive a sincere apology.  Though it’s unfortunate, normal people should be able to drop it.  Everything in life doesn’t always come in the perfect package without flaws.  Shit happens…  If you’re quite a vindictive or unforgiving person, you have a problem.  Would it break your heart if you calm down, let it go, and forgive the misfortune? So then you can continue to be content and don’t ruin other people’s day.  How easy is that?  Well, if you don’t receive a fair treated service recovery, I guess you can be as frustrated as you want!  Believe me, I know how you feel.

So if you want to be in control of such a complication, you must understand the basic human manners in the 21st century.  Putting on the blame, raising your voice to another person, or being impatience won’t get you the thing you want.. in any circumstances..  We have been through Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection; we should be able to tackle the problem with emotional and social intelligence. 

Yet, no matter how tranquil we can be, sometimes we just can’t stop those negative thoughts or actions.  Then we must again run an observation on ourselves from different perceptions.  In my case..  I’ve speculated what caused the dark energy and I’m on my way to put it back to its peaceful state of hibernation. 

As these trivial problems seem to pile up, I should figure something useful before I can no longer take it…  Perhaps I will be less stressful and able to maintain good mood, if I come up with a good set of sleeping habits, healthy eating plans, and workout routines… 

Learning from this dark experience, I’m enlightened by those who cared about me and gave me the right kind of emotional support.  I feel so fortunate and grateful with my life.  Thank you… :)

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