From wanting to being.

Spending some quiet time and refreshing my thoughts after the previous post, I figured out a bunch of ideas and came up with schedule as well as meal plans that would improve my mood at work (and perhaps help ease anyone’s busy lifestyles).  My eating schedule below was constructed based on my work life, which the periods of working and having a meal aren’t overlapped.  You may adjust your schedule time as you please, just make sure you design time intervals between meals at least 3 hours apart.  Given the physical well being, without a realization of being, we perhaps still suffer from the psychological pollution.  This unconscious torment gradually deteriorates the inner space that intentionally (or involuntarily) becomes visible through our physical expression and appearance…  To be in the place where I want to be or to actually live life, I must be the aware of my body and mind well-being.

// maintaining the physical well-being //

Setting my eating routine this way, not only will I feel more professional at work, but also helps me to avoid snacking throughout the day.  It’s a great fasting standard with a 12-hour window at night!  Since I’ve already declared myself to be a pescetarian, a vegetarian who eats fish.  Even so, on a daily basis, I only have fish once or twice a month (except when I go on a trip, I may have a high intake of seafood due to the limited vegetarian options). 

My friends and colleagues have long wondered..

‘How do I live without meat and still stay energized (more than average)?’  I don’t have the perfect answer for that… also have no intention to convert those around me to stop eating meat..  Though I haven’t been fond of the way that meat industries operate, I’ve always preferred the taste of vegetables and fruits.   I assume.. each person has a different preference?  You may feel at your best when you choose meat as a source of protein.  Perhaps I’m born to be a plant-based consumer, so I prefer my protein choices to be legumes (nuts and seeds) or soy products (tofu and tempeh).  To feel at my best, I notice that consuming whole foods of plant-based diets works beautifully for me.  It’s as simple as that..

// my daily meal plans (with options) on any work day //

8:00 Breakfast (post-workout): Grain + Veg or Fruit + Plant Protein + Spice’ + Coffee (or Tea)

    • warm oat meal with fruit + nuts (or seeds) + spices (cinnamon, pumpkin spices, or cardamom)
    • warm cereal + fruit + nuts (or seeds) + spice
    • vegetarian pancakes (or waffles) + fruit (or jam) + ricotta or cottage cheese + cacao powder
    • Cheat day: vegetarian pastry + matcha latte

11:00 Lunch (before work): ‘Open-faced Toast’

    • savoury: avocado + egg + dijon mustard + black pepper
    • sweet: nut butter + fruit
    • sweet: ricotta + jam + seeds (or nuts)
    • savoury / sweet: tahini + fruit (or jam)
    • Out for Brunch: assorted veggie + poached egg + spice + bread OR vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian option

Lunch Dinner (if I’m at work with no break): ‘Liquid or Soft Lunch’

    • my choice of a daily smoothie
    • fruits + nuts

15:30 (early) Dinner (if I have a break at home): Salad + ‘Warm Dish: Veg + Plant Protein + Grain’

    • veggie and lentil stew + brown rice (or bread)
    • steamed vegetable + soft boiled egg + quinoa/millet
    • steamed veggie + baked fish + brown rice
    • Thai stir-fried vegetable + tofu (or cashew nuts) + brown rice
    • Thai curry with veggie + tofu + brown rice
    • Out for Dinner: vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian option

20:00 (late) Supper: ‘Liquid or Soft Dinner’

    • green smoothie
    • berry smoothie
    • cacao smoothie
    • avocado + greens OR vegetarian soup
    • Out for (late) Dinner: vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian option
    • Cheat day: perhaps late night dessert!

21:30 (super late) Supper: (in case, still hungry…)

    • warm homemade golden milk

It seems like a lot of meals.  But yeah!  I eat 4-5 times a day…

And I usually exercise in the morning.. right after I wake up!  It’s the only time that I can’t make excuses not to do it!)  I no longer have a pre-workout meal like others…  It could be that my workout plans aren’t as intense as before.   My exercise schedule used to be in between 45 minutes and 1:30 hours, thereby trading it with my sleeping time.  It turned out that such habits stimulated my psychic pollution and made me exhausted throughout the day.  Starting half a year ago, I’ve cut down my workout time to 25-40 minutes a day.  Surprisingly, I’m still able to maintain my weight and even feel lighter!

// my weekly workout plans //

3 days a week: Arm or Leg Workouts (25-35 minutes) + Yoga or Stretching (10 minutes) 

2 days a week: Mat pilates or Yoga (25-40 minutes)

Saturday: Stretching or Yin Yoga to release muscles (20-30 minutes) 

Sunday: Interval training, HIIT, or Boxing (25-35 minutes) + Yoga or Stretching (10 minutes)

After all, these routines originated from my beliefs and and the environment I live in.  Impermanence is inescapable as I move forward in life.  What I desire the most exists in the present, neither past nor future…

// living with the psychological nourishment //

Having a clear mind without distractions and being able to live in the present moment have been the delightful practices for ending my darkness.  In the world where we all seem to experience and hold onto our false self or ego, we don’t genuinely live in the presence, because we ponder a bit too much about the past and the future.  If this is eminently the case, the only thing that should truly matter is the present moment.  When there is light, darkness disappears.  The concept of time may root from mental states of human and perhaps doesn’t exist as it seems?  It’s true that we all only live for a period of time.  The time of our lives can be vastly different based on our internal clocks and the way we live our lives.

Aging process is a reflection of how we use our body and mind. 

When we eventually tame our unconscious thoughts and create a binding agreement with ourselves that time is merely a delusion of the mind, we (almost immediately) change our focus to the present moment and discover a sense of self.  If you find yourself getting trap in time or catch yourself waiting (what the future will bring), get out of it.  Low-frequency energy like laziness, overthinking, or too much daydreaming clearly doesn’t get you to where you want to be, an action or high-frequency vibration does..  It doubles its power if you care enough to take each of your step the very best.

You may wonder..  Without the concept of time, what’s the point of learning from experiences, planning, or setting goals?  Those memories and destinations of your life purpose should be related to the process or step that you’re taking at the present moment.  If not, DROP them all.. or else, you utterly find yourself wanting to be somewhere else, while in fact.. you’re still here!

Delving into the past or immersing in the vague state (between unconsciousness and consciousness), we inevitably induce ourselves to behave, do, or think based on the external pressures (or even our internally dominated thoughts).  We neglect the state of now that has the power to choose what we become and awake our conscious mind.  At this point, we are no longer the victims of our past or future.

We discover freedom and stop living up to others’ expectations…

The now is the only place in which I want to be.  This decision-based action I’m taking is full of joy and paves the way for expressions of great quality in the now of the future.

To truly live, the process should be as pleasurable as the destination..  seeing that we keep our inner space clear of the analytical mind that doesn’t belong to the presence..

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