A reflection on 2018.

…I usually work on any special occasions (including my birthday and New Year)… 

While people are celebrating those special occasions, we want to make their lives easier through our food service.  This is a wonderful means of taking advantage in business without hurting anybody.  Besides, I’ve never been fond of taking vacations in high seasons.  My patience is quite low when it comes to waiting in line, staying in large crowds, and all that, except for the music events…

Given that I don’t really think about a New Year resolution, I’m eager to learn new things relentlessly and come up with a few plans that I want to accomplish.

Last year was another memorable year for me.  Meeting new people has been one of the finest sources of inspiration.  Relationships come in many forms.  Although some are only with us temporarily, they leave with lifelong memories… only if they were handled with care, or else I dropped them all and let them go.

Never really enjoy having any dramatic scenes or people in life…

One of the best relationships I made last year is between me and my cheerful coworker.  She has shown me her kind heart and unpretentious work ethics which I’m really proud of.  In the near future, when she leaves to pursue her life in Japan, I know I’ll miss her dearly.  And it’s not because we’ll have to recruit and train new staff.  The sole reason is that she is an extraordinarily good person by nature, while many of us aren’t quite that talented.  I notice this genial sensation since the moment I laid my eyes on her when she first walked into our restaurant.  Though she was the youngest applicant, her high-spirited energy thrilled me (in a good way) and caught my attention.  This impression will forever stick in my heart. 

Until this day, she has seen work as her priority and performed duties in the way that I’ve never expected my coworkers to do in our small business.  Her politeness, intelligence, and intense work ethics have immensely inspired me, whereas many adults with more experiences haven’t really understood.  This delight strikes a fear so deep when I think of her gone…

Energy is infectious somehow…

Her energy may seem tranquil, yet powerful.  Or maybe we just happen to vibrate similar types of energy, therefore we were bonded instantly from the start.  This kind of relationship takes time to build and only happens when we treat each other well with kindness, love, and respect.

Seeing a pure relationship we have bonded, I can’t help but think that other kinds of relationship may have a chance to achieve in this similar manner.  When kindness, love, and respect come into play and multiply, the space (either home or workplace) that holds us together becomes joyful environment where we live in. Work or job becomes a ‘lifestyle’.  And lifestyles are varied widely depended on how our minds perceive and value them.

None of relationships runs smoothly without any dissensions.  It is bizarre that such discords oftentimes occur when we feel too comfortable with the persons..   When there is no room for a shield, a wall, a second thought of self-reflection, or pretending.  In fact, it’s supposed to feel good when we don’t need to hide feelings or emotions… 

However, without being conscious or expressing too much of your true self to the level that breaks respect, we can hurt each other.  Relationships are fragile and sensitive.  The most genuine form of love is knowing that problems will find their ways to stand in the way of perfection.   Love hurts no matter if the relationships are good or bad.

It’s a brutally simple fact that controversies are unavoidable and frankness helps make things clear without wasting time or puts a stop to that pretentious nonsense.  None of us should hesitate to be true to ourselves, yet shouldn’t forget to concern about others’ feelings.  Blunt attitudes oftentimes shut down conversation as they neither inspire nor clear up situations.  Well, some may be attracted to those who appear to have the similar attitudes as themselves…  or they behave like that because they don’t want you in their lives.  If it’s the latter, there’s no need to hold grudges or think too much about them. We shouldn’t keep responding to the cynical attitudes.

Karma will find its way to correct everything. :) 

As I live my life, I eventually stop pleasing everyone and care merely those whom we want to build or maintain relationships with. Ceasing to please everyone doesn’t mean to hurt others or make them feel unpleasant.  The fact is the opposite…  We must behave with good manners, transparence, and respect when we interact with others, and just try to not take things personally.

Thanks to my dear Chihiro, who taught me to become a better person.  Your optimistic energy that I received throughout the year will pull me up when I don’t feel at best. I hope you enjoy the time spent at work with us and hope that we have treated you well.  Still, no one is a paragon.. I’m sorry on behalf of the crew if we have ever made you feel bad…

In this 2019 and after, I am determined to be more optimistic, spend more time with my loved ones, and respect others as well as who I am.

No matter how bad a situation is, I’m sure that I’ll be fine..

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