‘Henry’ // The Mary Onettes

video credit: The Mary Onettes

..Having come across this song from the old Swedish band in my playlist, memories flooded in..

The title has not yet faded..

A nostalgia for those days interlaced with this neither too fast nor too slow tempo…  Its neutral pace of rhythmic notes couldn’t help but made my head move in a vague sense of wistfulness. 

When a few basic instruments perform at a certain speed, the song takes a leap and forms a restful composition in my opinion.  This 4-minute piece is more than adequate to create a striking effect to unravel the countless muddled scripts which have been kept out of sight.

Starting with an acoustic guitar, the following rhythmic sound from bass, guitar, and drum was mellow enough to cool down the restlessness.

The hazy voice of him made my thoughts so still that I couldn’t help but blanked out for a few seconds, or much longer than that..  Though this simple rhythm doesn’t seem to break any record, it doesn’t take long for one to become familiarized..

Regardless of his expression thru words… 

A classic me has never been curious about any songs’ lyrics.

His deep and dark sort of voice that mellowed with the euphonious sound slowly shifted me from where I had a peaceful repose to the place I found myself looping back and forth between my realistic state and the same old daydreaming.

In a series of fuzzy dreams, I met this odd individual..

He seemed independent or that’s how he portrayed himself..  A man with such a downright attitude set himself one uncompromising rule that he would avoid having things on his mind for merely a set time frame.

When a great amount of anxiety mingled with fear, his unambiguous proclamation may perhaps come within reach as to pull me away from a state of emptiness and destruction.  Except.. oftentimes I might not be brave enough to neglect the whole scenery of certain discontents.  Although I am, as well, independent, part of my unrevealed segments seemed to embrace the fact that from time to time I yearn for good support to secure my unprotected emotion and a warm shelter to heal this rustic mind. 

When I got up from the fantasy, I almost wish I were able to fall back to sleep and tell him that he could somehow display his vulnerability and perhaps allow someone to at least see thru the blurred line in his highly protected quality..  In a dream, I might not have made myself resilient enough for him to be comfortable and to exhibit what has left unspoken. 

Life would have been entirely divergent by the different decisions we make, and also how we react to those decisions..

What will come after now?  Do I want to grasp what really matters?

I guess I’ll have to see how far I’m able to suppress this vulnerability before it reaches upon the surface..  or it might never want to expose itself, instead.. prefer to sink or disappear..

Last night, I took time to contemplate on a reality check and regain myself from despondency.

Then I thought…

As we continue to live our lives, we can sometimes unleash the joyful sides and treat it like one day at a time, whereas certain reminiscences have better been locked in the covert room in the backstairs as they are.. 

The beat was faded and slowly replaced by another dream pop which woke me out of my reverie.. 

Here and now, I’m breathing a familiar air with my cats lingering beside my feet covered with the usual plush fleece blanket..

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