…I wonder how Woody Allen’s films happened to fall into the same plots every time…

‘When she seeks comfort, he seems so cold and doesn’t give her emotional support.’  //  Well, it’s not his style.  Perhaps he could give her a few concrete suggestions.

‘They rarely talk to each other on a daily basis.’  //  Perhaps they respect the fact that everyone needs private space.

‘When they meet, dead air happens every now and then, but that doesn’t seem to bother her.’  //  Silence is a new language.  (Most of the time), it’s better than endless talking or making comments on every freaking thing!

‘He felt inadequate at one point in a relationship.’  //  There’s no such thing as a perfect match in terms of relationships.  Certain characters compliment the opposites.

// midnight in paris //

He didn’t know exactly what he wanted from his fiancee.  Meeting a decent woman, who could keep up with common sense and was realistic (less drama), should have been more than enough.  Why did he feel so left out and unfulfilled?  Did he actually want something more?  Perhaps he wanted something that his woman didn’t possess since it wasn’t in her nature..  Until he got to know another woman, he realized that he might have adored a woman, who is full of passion, artistic, and adventurous all along. 

// irrational man //

A man who was stable and kind, but neither uplifting nor warm (no matter how hard he tried to be) couldn’t make her blush, truly happy, and be herself.  She felt like there was no chemistry between the two.  This whole situation made her confused about their relationship.  The problem was that she never felt that she had enough.  She obviously wanted something more than just ‘good’.  She looked for more depth and layers in a relationship.  And she didn’t seem to pick up from the man she was seeing.  Not until the irrational man came by, she learned a bit more about the universe by welcoming him into her life.

// alice //

If she were to date another man, who was totally opposite from her husband, she might end up suffering even more.  Given the fact that she knew it…  Uncertainty and profoundly confused, she couldn’t think straight and was in the beginning state of depression.  She didn’t feel meaningful by living her comfortable life.  She had a husband, still couldn’t help but felt lonely.  She was not happy..

// café society //

One day, she had a chance to meet him again after a long time when each already had a partner.  No one knew how he managed to get over her so soon.  Given that she was speechless and experienced discomfort, she held it in.  She thought that maybe it was fair enough as she was the one who called off the relationship and chose to be with her idealistic man (or she thought he was).  She couldn’t blame anyone, but herself.. 

As he kept mentioning about another girl, her heart sank like a rock falling on the bottom of the sea.. and it refused to be disturbed, rather just lied there and stared blankly into other swimming creatures.  Her mind got lost in thoughts and fell into a deepened sadness.  She somehow managed to gather herself in a flash and suggested that they should no longer see each other seeing that every time they met, it stirred up the good old days and emotions.  Though deep inside, she was in pain, she had made up her mind to move on and, in the meantime, allowed him into her mind from time to time.

// manhattan //

In spite of knowing that their ages were too far apart, she still wanted to continue a relationship with him while he didn’t refuse to see her.  She only told him the fact that it’s hard for her to actually like someone.  Obviously, he couldn’t agree with the idea.  The truth was… she didn’t dare to tell him that when she liked the person, she barely resisted taking him off her mind..  Not even for a few seconds… 

For him, everything seems to involve a strategic planning.  Easy things aren’t worth pursuing as he finds difficult things are more challenging.  Perhaps in his mind, there are too many women in this world that he can pursue if any of them decide to play too hard to get.  Given that he may love chasing things after all, there are no absolute truths that he will cherish them once he gets what he wants.

For her, things probably work in a similar manner in her world.  When she meets someone whom she ponders might be the perfect fit, she tends to lean toward a reality seeing that it’s the right thing to do.  She oftentimes thinks her heart wouldn’t matter much when it comes to choosing between facts and emotions.  She utterly underestimates the human feelings that could be so dominant and irresistible.

// vicky cristina barcelona //

One of the main characters was hot-headed and independent as much as he was…  She seemed to dislike having things on her mind more than a day or two…  She again attempted to make a final decision, keep her chin high, and speak to herself that she wouldn’t be one of his women waiting for him..  At the same time when he was about to start a relationship with another woman, she comforted herself, prepared to move on, and planned to never look back as she had always been. 

She had no more regret because at least.. she had attempted (in her own way) to find the truth (even so not all truths are beautiful).  Given that she knew in her heart that she had made mistakes and it was too late to change things, she still held herself together and vowed to not let anyone decrease her value (even if it meant having her heart broken). 

I’m glad that most of Allen’s films don’t portray dramatic scenes like blubbering, suicide, or other creeping melancholia (except for ‘Blue Jasmine’), instead exhibits his comedic sense and bien sûr his jazz music.

Just that audiences would never understand…

Why couldn’t they just be honest with their feelings?

Why did they have to make everything so complicated and difficult than it had already been?

Who knows?  Perhaps, Allen likes things to be complicated and gives audiences a few lines of afterthoughts..  Therefore, certain matters were fated to go through a few complications and self-actualizations for us to awaken with full recall..

‘There were actually many things she wanted to tell him, but she couldn’t manage to get it out of her mouth..  In that moment, she thought they probably wouldn’t matter anymore.  When he sent her home, she held him tight for quite some time..  much longer than any good friends would do..  Unendurably, she wanted to let him know how much she had missed him, instead.. she merely said.. “I haven’t seen you in a long time.”  and left him with her warm smile as usual.

There was no point to say more than that..  Less said, more time..  She soon brought her awareness back to the cinematic sound of ocean waves..

This tranquility was so deep and melodic that it calmed her sorrow every time.. she thought..’

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