Nut-free macarons: earl grey ganache.

It wasn’t my intention to make this nut-free macarons..

My small kitchen happened to run out of almond flour when I promised my crews to bring in homemade macarons the day after.  Thanks to the sunflower seeds and Nutribullet in a cabinet that made these imperfect macarons happen.. 

I was quite hesitant when I began to fold meringue with dry ingredients as the mixture seemed to be a bit more dry as compared to the traditional one with almond flour.  I kept on folding to the very last bits, then overall texture became similar to the macaron batter!


// ingredients: 13-15 macarons //

macaron shells:

70 g sunflower seeds (ground)

5 g black cocoa powder

110 g icing sugar

60 g egg whites (room temperature)

35 g sugar

pinch of salt


75 g milk

11 g maple syrup

1 tsp earl grey tea (ground)

109 g dark chocolate

45 g butter


// instructions //

macaron shells:

Set up a piping bag with a round tip and line parchment (or silicone baking mat) on a tray.  Grind sunflower seeds in a NutriBullet or high speed blender until finely ground (but not wet).  Blend the seeds powder, icing sugar, cocoa powder, and salt in a food processor.  Whisk egg whites and sugar by hand to dissolve sugar and whisk into meringue by a stand mixer (medium speed) until medium stiff.  Add dry ingredients to meringue all at once and fold in gently and quickly.  The final texture should flow like lava.  Transfer to a piping bag and pipe small circles on a tray.  Tap the tray from the bottom to release air bubbles and let macaron shells dry out in room temperature (uncovered).  Preheat an oven to 145°C.  Bake for 10 minutes. 


Simmer milk, tea, and maple syrup in a medium-high heat.  Warm dark chocolate over bain-marie until softened.  Pour the milk mixture into the dark chocolate and whisk until completely mixed.  Soften butter, add into the mixture, and blend with an immersion blender until the ganache is shiny.  Transfer it to a piping bag and fill in macaron shells.  Chill in a fridge overnight.  Serve: let macarons hangout in room temperature until ganache gets slightly softened.


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