Toast: ricotta / honey / brazil nuts.

Though people around me tend to think that I am such a healthy person based on my yoga routines and pescetarian diet. 

Believe it or not, I eat desserts / sweets every day

Still, I have self-control around my sweet intakes and try to avoid baked goods with white flour and white sugar.  Having said that, I bake my own pastries and desserts most of the time.

Even my breakfast recipes are sometimes considered as sweet.  Hadn’t had ricotta cheese in a while now, I kind of missed the mild taste of it.  To make it a high protein and healthy fat breakfast, I added nutritional powerhouses like brazil nuts to satisfy my non-meat consumption.

The ricotta toast wouldn’t have felt complete without accompanying by a fruity taste; a small amount of orange-ginger jam was then spread on top of the ricotta.

I like to drizzle honey over my ricotta toast as it seems to go perfectly well together.  The honey I used was infused with lavender, thereby adding flowery scent to the dish.

Making and having this simple and nourishing breakfast with my warm masala chai tea, I was content..

// Ingredients //

1 slice sourdough (toasted)

2 tbs ricotta cheese

1 tsp orange-ginger jam

4 brazil nuts (chopped)

1 tsp lavender-infused honey

// Instructions //

Toast a slice of sourdough bread.  Spread ricotta cheese on top, followed by jam.  Sprinkle brazil nuts and drizzle with honey.  Serve.

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