Hi! This is an online nest of Naline, a trained professional baker/pastry cook, pescetarian, minimalist, and well-being lover.  The Summer Roots reflects my tropical origin, Thailand, where I was brought up and had spent most of my childhood roaming about.  Currently living in the west coast of Canada, I have reunited with my beloved family after over ten years of staying apart.  Even so, life wouldn’t have been such a delight without having my closest feline friends, Robin + Lamer, by my side.  Having peacefully lived abroad, I have taken more time to contemplate and get to know myself in a deeper level. 

Here // as time goes by, I found myself developing a sense of gratitude for my grounded descent.  This online creation is to share what I’m passionate about in hopes of inspiring others to be proactive with their health + wellness, while still able to enjoy living and eating good food and pastry.  Still and all, I’m not perfect…  I’m definitely neither a lifestyle guru nor a health expert, just one of the individual creatures that make up this vast universe and desire to expose the view inside me to others by means of arts and baking creations.  I believe that the most beautiful purpose of being alive is to be true to yourself, have a chance to help others + find ways to connect with them, buy less stuff, practice low-impact living for our planet,

and.. eat LESS meat!

There // thesummerroots.com was born.

love* Naline.